Business2Run... the program!

2021 Kickstart now!

Business2Run will be launched medio 2021 and this year is free of charge for all entrepreneurs who like to join. Later this year we wil evaluate the program and together we will design the program for next years and adjust the challenges.  Get on board now and get fit to prepare for the special challenges. 



Well, Corona has had it's affect and in fact there were hundreds of reasons to not sport last year? Then this is your level right now... we will start easy and playful. 


You are fit but a bit bored by training alone. You like to join forces with fellow entrepreneurs and you are looking for new sportive challenges. Then Silver is your program! 


You are fit and you are able to run half a marathon. In fact you know what you want but you like to join with like minded fellow entrepreneurs and see where to go from here. Gold is your program! 

Choose now & improve your level

Choose now, train well and adjust your level later without any restriction. Now worries, the program is about healthy improvements in a happy way. 


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Special events...

Every third Friday of the month there will be a special event on Friday evening. To kickstart the weekend in an energized and inspired way. Just 1,5 hours training together outside in Amsterdam. For Bronze, Silver and Gold. This is how we connect and this is where we train for. 




Every third Friday of the month there will be a special event in Amsterdam. We will meet -in sportive running outfit and with bike- at 18 o'clock at the entrance of the Vondelpark. The sporty event will take an hour to 1,5 hours depending on the condition of the group. 

WhatsApp if you have questions: 06 16478685

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Start now!

Subscribe yourself now and be prepared for a new life. In the run for energy & inspiration! 



High five! 

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